My Videos

‘Why Moms Never Meet Up’ For all the moms who can never find that date in the diary!!!

‘Rag’N’Bone Man Parenting Parody’ For the mom shamed, thong fearing, mess embracing humans who happen to be parents

‘Sex After Baby – How Soon Is Too Soon?’ How soon did you get back in the saddle after a having a baby?

‘THE BRIGHT SIDE’ This original song with over 800k Facebook views lays motherhood bare. NOT for the easily offended!

‘STOP With The Baby Pushing!’ How to know you’re ready for a baby

‘SEXY TIME’ An original song about parent foreplay

#PROCRASTIMATES SERIES Procrastinate much? Hate the word ‘should’? Revel in the mundane with #procrastimates

‘MOMMY MAGIC’ An original song about the fairies that do all the boring crap for us right?

Sexton & O Connor

I collaborate with fellow West End Actor Sharon Sexton as ‘Sexton And O Connor’. Sharon is currently smashing it, starring in Bat Out Of Hell the musical as Sloane. Seriously, she’s a knockout! We met in the original cast of hit musical The Commitments at The Palace Theatre London. While sharing a dressing room and wine en mass, we learned we also shared senses of humour, feminist views and general outrage. Our first sketches led to us staring in pilot Quinn and O’Grady for RTE (it was a week filming in a bog in the middle of nowhere breastfeeding a three month old and pumping in pubs full of oul fellas – it was fabulous!) We like to combine our fantastic hair, witty lyrics, familiar and original melodies to create songs and sketches about issues we are passionate about. Hobbies include placing our tongues firmly in our cheeks and attempting to grow old gracefully while acknowledging all roles will disappear as soon as we hit 40 and our sexuality shrivels up and dies.